Our Researchers

The Center is home to a roster of accomplished scientists and research staff who advance CHR’s mission through the applied methodologies of biostatistics, behavioral psychology, medical anthropology, health economics, and many other disciplines. We extend the reach of our work through partnerships with affiliate and clinical investigators from Kaiser Permanente and a wide variety of academic and health care institutions.

  Research Staff

  Affiliate & Clinical Investigators

  Emeritus Investigators

Our Investigators


Gregory N. Clarke

Senior Investigator,
Associate Director, Science Programs

Richard Deyo

Clinical Investigator

Stephen P. Fortmann

Senior Investigator,
Senior Director, Science Programs

Katrina Goddard

Senior Investigator,
Associate Director, Science Programs

Jillian T. Henderson

Evidence-based Practice Center

Jennifer S. Lin

Investigator, Director, Evidence-based Practice Center

David Mosen

Senior Investigator,
Senior Program Evaluation Consultant

Richard A. Mularski

Senior Investigator,
Director, NW Permanente Research

Allison L. Naleway

Senior Investigator,
Associate Director, Science Programs

Elizabeth O'Connor

Investigator, Associate Director, Evidence-based Practice Center

Carrie D. Patnode

Research Investigator, Evidence-based Practice Center

Lucy A. Savitz

Director, Center for Health Research
Vice President, Health Research, Kaiser Permanente