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Jonathan Fine
Communications Manager
Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research

What does our research show?

That keeping a food diary helps people lose weight and keep it off. That given the right tools, obese pregnant women can gain no weight and have healthy babies. It shows that if you send patients an at-home screening test for colon cancer, most of them will complete the test and mail it back. Our research shows that service dogs help veterans manage post-traumatic stress disorder, and it reveals that culturally tailored health interventions can improve outcomes for underserved populations.

Our research helps improve lives and transform health care. High-profile news outlets such as Reuters, the New York Times, and National Public Radio have covered our research, and we’d like you to take notice, too. Feel free to contact us to learn more.


Soaring Cost of Cancer Care Prompts New Research and Dialogue

Health systems are under significant pressure to improve patient outcomes while also controlling costs.

June 29, 2018


A Perilous 2020 U.S. Census: Why the Count Counts

Proposed changes to the collection of census data have troubling implications, argues CHR Director Lucy Savitz in a blog for the Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy.

June 21, 2018

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