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Data & Analytics Expertise

For more than half a century, our research has been distinguished by our extraordinary data resources and the expertise to analyze that data for meaningful patterns.

Through our relationship with Kaiser Permanente, we have access to the largest non-governmental electronic health record system in the world. This allows us to follow our study populations for years—even decades—and develop new tools for predicting which patients will benefit the most from health care interventions.

And through standardized coding systems, we’ve developed a common terminology for sharing data across institutions.

Learn more below about our Research Data & Analytics Center, Research Data Warehouse, and Virtual Data Warehouse.

Info graphic displaying the various data sources that CHR uses

Research Data & Analytics Center

CHR investigators are fully supported by our Research Data & Analytics Center (RDAC), which is organized into five functions:

  • Biostatisticians
    consult on analytic methods, and develop and refine analysis plans.
  • Data warehouse staff
    provide mechanisms and expertise to efficiently access large longitudinal and other, varied datasets.
  • Network consulting staff
    facilitate research network partnerships involving electronic medical record data.
  • Primary data collection staff
    develop surveys, design data collection systems, perform medical record abstraction, and provide data entry services.
  • Research analysts
    collect, clean, and analyze data.

Research Data Warehouse

The CHR-Northwest Research Data Warehouse (RDW) is a store of research-ready data accumulated from a wide range of sources including electronic medical records, insurance claims, state records, and legacy data systems. The RDW incorporates 55 tables which have been used and validated by many research projects and internal data monitoring processes. Research Data Warehouse tables include data related to health care utilization, demographics, lab, treatments administered via infusion, enrollment, death, pharmacy, tumor registry, oncology, pathology, and more.

Virtual Data Warehouse

The Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) is a set of standardized data and methods developed as part of key multi-site research collaborations: the Health Care Services Research Network and the Cancer Research Network. The VDW enables researchers to produce comparable data across these collaborating sites for proposing and conducting research.

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