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Carla A. Green, PhD, MPH

Carla Green, PhD, MPH, is a health services researcher with an emphasis on mental health and substance abuse services. Semi-retired, she continues part-time as an emeritus senior investigator at the Center for Health Research, mentoring early-career investigators and working on projects related to opioid misuse, abuse, addiction, and overdose.

Dr. Green’s current research includes FDA-mandated multi-site studies being conducted across the country looking at risks (e.g., misuse, abuse, overdose, and death) associated with use of opioid therapy for treating chronic pain. Work was recently completed on an NIMH-funded study to identify factors affecting preventive service use among patients with serious mental illnesses. Other recently completed projects include a study that successfully tested the efficacy of a weight loss program for patients taking antipsychotic agents (STRIDE), and a study that examined the effect of a tamper-resistant formulation of OxyContin on overdose rates.

Dr. Green earned her PhD in Systems Science-Sociology, with a specialization in Social Psychology, from Portland State University, and an MPH, with a concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, from Oregon Health & Science University.

Selected Publications

  • Meenan RT, Stumbo SP, Yarborough MT, Leo MC, Yarborough BJ, Green CA. An Economic Evaluation of a Weight Loss Intervention Program for People with Serious Mental Illnesses Taking Antipsychotic Medications. Administration and policy in mental health. 2016; 43(4):604-15. NIHMSID: NIHMS705892
  • Yarborough BJ, Yarborough MT, Janoff SL, Green CA. Getting by, getting back, and getting on: Matching mental health services to consumers' recovery goals. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal. 2016; 39(2):97-104. NIHMSID: NIHMS711698
  • Yarborough BJ, Stumbo SP, Yarborough MT, Young TJ, Green CA. Improving lifestyle interventions for people with serious mental illnesses: Qualitative results from the STRIDE study. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal. 2016; 39(1):33-41. NIHMSID: NIHMS702312
  • Stumbo SP, Yarborough BJ, Paulson RI, Green CA. The impact of adverse child and adult experiences on recovery from serious mental illness. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal. 2015; 38(4):320-7. NIHMSID: NIHMS680741
  • Green CA, Yarborough BJ, Leo MC, Stumbo SP, Perrin NA, Nichols GA, Stevens VJ. Weight maintenance following the STRIDE lifestyle intervention for individuals taking antipsychotic medications. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.). 2015; 23(10):1995-2001. NIHMSID: NIHMS701241
  • Green CA, Duan N, Gibbons RD, Hoagwood KE, Palinkas LA, Wisdom JP. Approaches to Mixed Methods Dissemination and Implementation Research: Methods, Strengths, Caveats, and Opportunities. Administration and policy in mental health. 2015; 42(5):508-23. NIHMSID: NIHMS663519
  • Green CA, Yarborough MT, Polen MR, Janoff SL, Yarborough BJ. Dual recovery among people with serious mental illnesses and substance problems: a qualitative analysis. Journal of dual diagnosis. 2015; 11(1):33-41. NIHMSID: NIHMS637236
  • Green CA, Yarborough BJ, Leo MC, Yarborough MT, Stumbo SP, Janoff SL, Perrin NA, Nichols GA, Stevens VJ. The STRIDE weight loss and lifestyle intervention for individuals taking antipsychotic medications: a randomized trial. The American journal of psychiatry. 2015; 172(1):71-81. NIHMSID: NIHMS640976
  • Stumbo SP, Yarborough BJH, Yarborough MT, Janoff SL, Stevens VJ, Lewinsohn M, Green CA. Costs of implementing a behavioral weight-loss and lifestyle-change program for individuals with serious mental illnesses in community settings. Translational Behavioral Medicine 2015 May 30. [Epub 2015 May 30] doi: 10.1007/s13142-015-0322-3.
  • Green CA, Janoff SL, Yarborough BJ, Yarborough MT. A 12-week weight reduction intervention for overweight individuals taking antipsychotic medications. Community mental health journal. 2014; 50(8):974-80.
  • Green CA, Estroff SE, Yarborough BJSpofford M, Solloway MR, Kitson RSPerrin NA. Directions for future patient-centered and comparative effectiveness research for people with serious mental illness in a learning mental health care system. Schizophr Bull. 2014 Jan;40 Suppl 1:S1-S94. doi: 10.1093/schbul/sbt170.

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