Request Your Tickets for the 2016 Saward Lecture

Tickets are no longer available for the 2016 Saward Lecture. Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you next year.


The 26th Saward Lecture, Featuring Science Journalist Sonia Shah

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
7:30─9:00 p.m.
Newmark Theatre (Map)
Portland, Oregon

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Saward Lecture. This year’s talk, by the acclaimed science journalist and author Sonia Shah, will be based on her book Pandemic: Tracking Contagions from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond. Tickets are free but required, and are provided by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research as a benefit to the community.

If you have questions about this year's lecture or the ticketing process, please call (503) 335-2466.

About Sonia Shah

Sonia Shah is an investigative journalist and author of critically acclaimed and prize-winning books on science, human rights, and international politics. Her most recent book, Pandemic: Tracking Contagions from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond, has been called “superbly written” (The Economist), “bracingly intelligent” (Nature), and “provocative” and “chilling” (New York Times).

Shah is also the author of The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Humankind for 500,000 Years (2010); The Body Hunters: Testing New Drugs on the World’s Poorest Patients (2006); and Crude: The Story of Oil (2004).

A former writing fellow of the Nation Institute and the Puffin Foundation, Shah’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Foreign Affairs, and elsewhere, and has been featured on current affairs programs around the United States, including RadioLab, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and other NPR shows, as well as on CNN, Al Jazeera, and BBC.