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This tool is intended to be used by social workers and other health care providers, in a variety of settings, to assess the frailty of their patients.

The Frailty Wheel tool will identify patients who are at high risk of dependency on others for daily care, and can be used during phone visits or in-person visits. This "just in time" method will quickly select patients who may benefit from in-depth discharge planning, referrals to community resources, care conferencing with informal support, or frequent proactive follow-up by clinical staff.

How to use the Frailty Wheel

The Frailty Wheel tool consists of four questions. Ask each question exactly as worded without probing or influencing the patient. Responses should be the patient's evaluation of their own abilities.

After answering all four questions, the app will tell you if the respondent is at an increased risk for frailty or not.

How the Frailty Wheel was developed

The Frailty Wheel tool is based on the validated methodology from the Health Status Questionnaire and is modeled after the printed Frailty Wheel that has been in use since 2002. This mobile application does not save any patient or respondent information. It is intended to be used multiple times across different respondents. Only basic analytics and crashlytics data is collected for quality control and troubleshooting purposes.

Additional information regarding the printed Frailty Wheel and the Health Status Questionnaire is provided below.

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