Carmit K. McMullen, PhD

Meet Carmit McMullen

Carmit McMullen studies how background and culture influence personal health care decisions. It was a natural fit for this medical anthropologist who grew up in a multicultural home, moving between Israel and New York.

Carmit McMullen, PhD, is a medical anthropologist who studies health care delivery, cancer survivorship, and aging. She provides expertise in qualitative and ethnographic research methods, such as focus groups, interviews, and fieldwork (participant-observation), for studies in diverse subject areas. She also facilitates patient engagement in research by training patient advocates and integrating them into the research process.

Dr. McMullen has used ethnography to study how health care providers across the country communicate in hospital and outpatient settings, ensure patient safety during surgery and critical care, and implement electronic medical records systems. She has developed rapid assessment processes for conducting team-based ethnographic evaluations of clinical trials and implementations of other interventions including health-information technology and organizational change in health care settings.

Dr. McMullen has established a research program on treatment-related disability, quality of life and cancer survivorship among patients with a history of bladder or colorectal cancer. Her cancer research also explores personalized, preference-based treatment options for bladder cancer patients, including a comparative effectiveness study of urinary diversion options after cystectomy. As a Cancer Research Network Scholar, she completed an 18-month training program for promising early-career investigators at HMO-affiliated research centers nationwide and represented CHR in the Cancer Research Network.

Dr. McMullen received her MA and PhD in medical anthropology from Case Western Reserve University. Her earlier research examined self-appraised health status, African American culture and health, and urban health issues in three community-based, anthropological studies of health and aging in Philadelphia. She is an affiliate assistant professor in OHSU’s Department of Medical Informatics.

Selected Publications

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  • Hazlehurst B, McMullen CK, Gorman PN. Distributed cognition in the Heart Room: How situation awareness arises from coordinated communications during cardiac surgery. J Biomed Inform 2007;40(5):539-51.


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