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Susan A. Flocke, PhD

Susan Flocke, PhD, a Senior Affiliate Investigator at the Center for Health Research, is the Kaiser Permanente Professor of Evidence-Based Family Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Her research is focused on enhancing preventive service delivery in the primary care setting, effective clinician-patient communication of health behavior change, and building linkages to community resources to facilitate behavior change.

Dr. Flocke’s current projects focus on tobacco assessment, assistance, and cessation support within community health centers, and establishing linkages to quit lines and other community support services. Her team is leading a project to implement and evaluate systems change and capacity to use an eReferral to increase tobacco cessation support for socially disadvantaged patients. Another project is focused on developing and evaluating a measure of nicotine dependence among adolescent and young adult smokers who use cigarillos. This work is jointly funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration to develop a measure of nicotine dependence that is valid, reliable, and relevant for users of cigarillos and multiple tobacco products. Beyond the utility of a new measure, this work has the potential to provide evidence about the harms and addictive qualities of these products and to inform policy and practice.

In addition to conducting research, Dr. Flocke serves as a mentor to junior faculty members and fellows.

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