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Richard A. Mularski, MD, MSHS, MCR

Meet Richard Mularski

As a practicing ICU physician, Richard Mularski knows the challenges of treating critically ill patients while also communicating with their families. Through his research, he has developed palliative care tools to improve treatment and help families cope with the death of their loved ones.

Richard Mularski, MD, MSHS, MCR, is an academic physician who leads research at CHR and practices pulmonary and critical care medicine for Northwest Permanente, where he is also Regional Clinical Quality Lead for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and Medical Director for Inpatient Respiratory Therapy. In July 2017, he became the Director of Research and Evaluation for Northwest Permanente.  In this role, he acts as a liaison between CHR and the KPNW delivery system, fostering collaboration between researchers, quality improvement teams, and clinicians as a key leader of its learning health system. 

Dr. Mularski is board certified in pulmonary, critical care, and palliative medicine. He has expertise in research methodology, quality measurement and improvement, translating research into practice, and implementing evidence-based medicine in obstructive lung disease, dyspnea, palliative care, and end-of-life care. Over the last few years, he led an effort to build national infrastructure for patient-led research in COPD as the PI of the COPD Patient Powered Research Network, one of the entities funded by PCORI to build a national research infrastructure for patient-centered research (PCORnet). He is part of the leadership of three other PCORI-funded pragmatic trials—he serves as co-PI for a pragmatic comparative effectiveness research study of palliative care delivery, a study of comparative effectiveness of two pulmonary drugs for COPD, and a site-randomized comparative effectiveness trial for lung nodule follow-up.  Additionally, he leads implementation and evaluation work, serving the Northwest Kaiser region’s 600,000 members.  He is a PI and founding steering committee member for a multi-center collaboration of investigators (COPD Outcomes-based Network for Clinical Effectiveness & Research Translation or CONCERT) whose mission is to employ effectiveness and translational research methodologies to improve care and outcomes for patients with COPD.

Dr. Mularski recently began co-leading a study that is comparing tech-enabled home-based palliative care to standard  in-home palliative care. Dr. Mularski serves as site principal investigator on a number of clinical trials in COPD, including the ASPIRE AeriSeal and IBV Valve trials. He has performed evidence-based reviews and performance measure development for multiple pulmonary and palliative projects and previously served KP nationally as a methodologist for the KP National Guideline Program with the Care Management Institute. He led the RAND Health pulmonary quality review for the QA Tools project and was lead author on a consensus statement describing 18 quality measures for palliative and end-of-life care for critically ill, hospitalized patients.

Dr. Mularski graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He completed clinical research training at UCLA and RAND Health and practical clinical training in hospice and palliative medicine, as well as training in health services research with the VA, before joining the Permanente Medical Group in 2006. Dr. Mularski is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at OHSU. He is a fellow of the American Thoracic Society and the American College of Chest Physicians. He was the inaugural chair of the American Thoracic Society’s Quality Improvement Committee and is currently President of the Oregon Thoracic Society.

Selected Publications

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