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David Mosen, PhD, MPH

David Mosen, PhD, MPH, is a health services researcher with over 22 years of experience conducting applied program evaluation and quality improvement research within public and private delivery systems. As a senior program evaluation consultant and senior affiliate investigator, he is a core member of the Center for Health Research’s Learning Health System (LHS) team. The objective of the LHS team is to develop a “culture of inquiry” between health care operations and research by conducting operationally relevant work that addresses decision making needs and/or knowledge gaps from the perspective of administrators, clinicians, and patients that is aligned with regional and national Kaiser Permanente priorities. 

Dr. Mosen’s areas of expertise include health services research, program evaluation, and quality improvement methods. He currently is co-leading an NICDR-funded project to evaluate the impact of medical-dental integration among Medicare patients with KPNW and understand the type and frequency of social needs this population experiences.

Dr. Mosen received his PhD from the UCLA School of Public Health Department of Health Services in 1997. After earning his doctorate, he conducted an applied program evaluation and quality improvement research at Intermountain Health Care in Salt Lake City. There he completed a two-year research fellowship with Dr. Brent James, a nationally renowned expert in quality improvement and outcomes research.

In 2003, Dr. Mosen joined KP’s Care Management Institute, where he specialized in two areas: improving asthma quality of care performance measurement and examining the association of patient activation with health outcomes for persons with chronic health conditions. In this capacity, he led a study that changed the national HEDIS measurement specifications for persistent asthma to more reliably capture this population through electronic information. Dr. Mosen joined CHR in 2005.

Selected Current Studies

  • Evaluating the Impact of Dental-Medical Integration among Medicare Beneficiaries: A Population-Based Approach (NICDR)
  • Learning Health Systems (LHS): Research Integration (KP Internal)
  • Population Health Evaluation Support (KP Internal)

Selected Publications

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