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Brian Hazlehurst, PhD

Brian Hazlehurst, PhD, is a cognitive anthropologist interested in the cognitive, social, cultural and technological properties of health and healthcare. His investigations include the study of care provider work practices and the needs of people with chronic illnesses, as well as design and development of appropriate information-processing tools for these populations.

Recently, Dr. Hazlehurst has focused on informatics methods that enable access to clinical details about patients and their care, through use of natural language processing technologies. Much of the clinical data necessary for answering research questions is found in the text notes clinicians write when caring for patients. Dr. Hazlehurst’s team has successfully used Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to unlock this clinical data from electronic medical records (EMRs).

Dr. Hazlehurst has served as principal and co-investigator on numerous studies funded by NIH, AHRQ, NLM, FDA, and CDC, using electronic health records to assess a wide range of health topics including: the prevalence and effectiveness of smoking cessation advice and lifestyle counseling, and the prevalence of opioid-related overdoses and vaccine-related adverse events.  His research has also included ethnographic studies of the use of technologies and social practices to ensure safe health care delivery.

Dr. Hazlehurst joined CHR as a Medical Informatics Investigator in the summer of 2001. Previously, he was chief scientist and director of research and informatics at WebMD, an Internet health care company. At WebMD, he led the R&D effort focused on using the Internet to empower chronically ill people. His work included the design and development of information retrieval and knowledge-based systems, for which he received three U.S. patents. Dr. Hazlehurst received his PhD in cognitive science and anthropology from University of California, San Diego, in 1994.

Selected Publications

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