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October 2018

CHR Investigator Stephanie Fitzpatrick Lauded for Health Care Innovation

Five Key Takeaways from “Mind the Gap: Putting Evidence into Practice in the Era of Learning Health Systems”

Weighing the Alternatives: Complementary and Integrative Medicine Services at Kaiser Permanente Northwest

A Shot in the Arm — CHR Team Gives Vaccine Safety Research a ‘Boost’

Meet an Investigator: Carmit McMullen

Large Study Finds HPV Vaccination Does Not Negatively Impact Fertility in Adolescents

New Kaiser Permanente Study Will Examine the Role of Opioid Use in Suicide Risk

Community Health Centers Can Help Boost Rates of Colorectal Cancer Screening, Kaiser Permanente Study Shows


July 2018

One Year In, CHR Director Lucy Savitz Is Focused on the Future

Our 2017 Annual Report

Soaring Cost of Cancer Care Prompts New Research and Dialogue

A Perilous 2020 U.S. Census: Why the Count Counts

In the Right Place at the Right Time: Patient Partners Attend HCSRN 2018

Meet an Investigator: Gloria Coronado

New Study Shows Why Cancer Cost Planning Needs to Start Accounting for People Under 65

Only One-Third of Patients Diagnosed with Depression Start Treatment, Kaiser Permanente Study Finds

Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is Cost-Effective for Teens Who Decline Antidepressants


December 2017

Remembering Andrew Glass, MD

Addressing Social Needs to Improve Health at Kaiser Permanente—and Beyond

Timely Publication on Opioid Dependency Makes a Splash on Twitter

Expert in Adolescent Brain Development Delivers Annual Saward Lecture

Meet an Investigator: Richard Mularski

Live Phone Calls Better Than Text Messages to Remind People About Colon Cancer Screening


September 2017

Landmark Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Draws to a Close After 31 Years

Medicare Invests in Diabetes Prevention, and Health Researchers Seize the Moment

Donating DNA to Change the Future of Health Care

Meet an Investigator: Allison Naleway


May 2017

Our 2016 Annual Report

Researchers and Pharmacists Team Up to Combat Opioid Overuse

Reducing Unnecessary Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency

Meet an Investigator: Matthew Banegas

Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research Welcomes 30-Year Research Veteran Lucy Savitz as New Director


December 2016

After More Than Two Decades, Mary Durham Bids Farewell to the Center for Health Research

As Autism Costs Rise, CHR Calculates Costs to Families

Preventing a Rare But Tragic Outcome: Post-Tonsillectomy Death in Children

Dental-Medical Integration: An Innovative Approach to Immunizations

Sonia Shah Contemplates the Future of Pandemics at the 2016 Saward Lecture

Meet an Investigator: Katrina Goddard

New Model Will Help Health Care Providers More Accurately Assess Breast Cancer Risk in Hispanic Patients

Early and Late Menopause Can Increase Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


July 2016

Dual Efforts to Reduce Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening

Living with Colorectal Cancer—for One Day

National Diabetes Trial Gets Big Boost from KP Center for Health Research

Meet an Investigator: Nancy Perrin

Mothers’ Excess Pregnancy Weight Gain and Elevated Blood Sugar ‘Imprint’ Obesity in Children

Counseling in Primary Care Clinics Helps Speed Recovery for Depressed Teens

Use of Online Health-Care Tools by Seniors Declines with Age and Differs by Race/Ethnicity


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