Founded in 1999, the Center for Health Research – Hawaii is a partnership between Kaiser Permanente’s Hawaii Region (KPH) and the Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon. CHR-Hawaii provides resources and expertise to support clinical research programs funded by federal and private support and carried out by KPH clinicians. CHR-Hawaii has also developed extensive collaborative arrangements through such groups as the Kaiser Permanente National Research Council, the Health Care Systems Research Network, and the Cancer Research Network.

CHR-Hawaii focuses on research issues uniquely suited to its position within a large integrated health care system serving an ethnically diverse population of more than 244,000 members. The KPH health plan population includes large numbers of Japanese, Filipinos, Caucasians, Chinese, Koreans, Southeast Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders. Among Hawaii’s population is the ethnic group associated with the greatest longevity in the United States (Japanese), as well as the group with the shortest life expectancy (Native Hawaiian). About 75% of the membership lives on the island of Oahu, with the remainder on Maui and the island of Hawaii. Health plan members are highly representative of the state’s population, which is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse groups (77% minority).  

CHR-Hawaii has full access to both electronic and paper KPH records, as well as the hospital library, programmer analysts, medical record technicians, and computer network support. CHR-Hawaii also has full access to CHR resources in Portland, Oregon, including data management and analysis, programming, hardware and software management, and administrative, fiscal, graphics, library, and clerical support.

CHR-Hawaii Leadership


Lucy A. Savitz

Director, Center for Health Research
Vice President, Health Research, Kaiser Permanente

Don Freel, MBA

Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer

Stacey Honda, MD

Medical Director

Connie Trinacty, PhD

Assistant Science Director

Kathleen Higuchi

Research Administration Manager