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Association Between Weight Loss and the Risk of Cancer after Bariatric Surgery.

Schauer DP, Feigelson HS, Koebnick C, Caan B, Weinmann S, Leonard AC, Powers JD, Yenumula PR, Arterburn DE.
Obesity (Silver Spring) 2017 Nov;25 Suppl 2:S52-S57. PMCID: PMC5722457 

Bariatric Surgery and the Risk of Cancer in a Large Multisite Cohort. 

Schauer DP, Feigelson HS, Koebnick C, Caan B, Weinmann S, Leonard AC, Powers JD, Yenumula PR, Arterburn DE.
Ann Surg 2017 Sep 21. [Epub 2017 Sep 21] 

Universal screening for Lynch syndrome among patients with colorectal cancer: Patient perspectives on screening and sharing results with at-risk relatives. 

Hunter JE, Arnold KA, Cook JE, Zepp J, Gilmore MJ, Rope AF, Davis J, Bergen KM, Esterberg E, Muessig KR, Peterson SK, Syngal S, Acheson L, Wiesner G, Reiss J, Goddard KAB.
Fam Cancer 2017 Jul;16(3):377-387. PMID: 28176204 

Genome sequencing and carrier testing: Decisions on categorization and whether to disclose results of carrier testing. 

Himes P, Kauffman TL, Muessig KR, Amendola L, Berg JS, Dorschner MO, Gilmore M, Nickerson DA, Reiss JA, Richards CS, Rope AF, Simpson DK, Wilfond BS, Jarvik GP, Goddard KAB.
Genet Med 2017 Jul;19(7):803-808. PMCID: PMC5509491  

The NextGen Study: Patient motivation for participation in genome sequencing for carrier status. 

Kauffman TL, Irving SA, Leo MC, Gilmore MJ, Himes P, McMullen CK, Morris E, Schneider J, Wilfond BS, Goddard KAB.
Mol Genet Genomic Med 2017 Jul 2;5(5):508-515. PMCID: PMC5606895

Individual Patient-Level Meta-Analysis of the Performance of the Decipher Genomic Classifier in High-Risk Men After Prostatectomy to Predict Development of Metastatic Disease. 

Spratt DE, Yousefi K, Deheshi S, Ross AE, Den RB, Schaeffer EM, Trock BJ, Zhang J, Glass AG, Dicker AP, Abdollah F, Zhao SG, Lam LLC, du Plessis M, Choeurng V, Haddad Z, Buerki C, Davicioni E, Weinmann S, Freedland SJ, Klein EA, Karnes RJ, Feng FY.
J Clin Oncol 2017 Jun 20;35(18):1991-1998. [Epub 2017 Mar 30]  

Predictors of breastfeeding initiation and maintenance in an integrated healthcare setting.

Henninger ML, Irving SA, Kauffman TL, Kurosky SK, Rompala K, Thompson MG, Sokolow LZ, Avalos LA, Ball SW, Shifflett P, Naleway AL; Pregnancy and Influenza Project Workgroup. 
J Hum Lact. 2017 May;33(2):256-266. 

A survey of current practices for genomic sequencing test interpretation and reporting processes in US laboratories.

O’Daniel JM, McLaughlin HM, Amendola LM, Bale SJ, Berg JS, Bick D, Bowling KM, Chao EC, Chung WK, Conlin LK, Cooper GM, Das S, Deignan JL, Dorschner MO, Evans JP, Ghazani AA, Goddard KA, Gornick M, Farwell Hagman KD, Hambuch T, Hegde M, Hindorff LA, Holm IA, Jarvik GP, Knight Johnson A, Mighion L, Morra M, Plon SE, Punj S, Richards CS, Santani A, Shirts BH, Spinner NB, Tang S, Weck KE, Wolf SM, Yang Y, Rehm HL.
Genet Med 2017 May;19(5):575-582. PMCID: PMC5415437

Utility of adding clinical data to a molecular results portal for improving clinical trial prescreening efficiency. 

Levy MA, Osterman T, Jain N, Mittendorf K, Micheel C.
Journal of Clinical Oncology. May 30, 2017. 35, no. 15_suppl.  

Assessment of actionability of cancer genomic testing panels based on a structured clinical trial knowledge base. 

Levy MA, Micheel C, Jain N, Mittendorf K.
Journal of Clinical Oncology. May 20, 2017. 35, no. 15_suppl 6533-6533. [abstract] 

Reasons for Declining Preconception Expanded Carrier Screening Using Genome Sequencing.

Gilmore MJ, Schneider J, Davis JV, Kauffman TL, Leo MC, Bergen K, Reiss JA, Himes P, Morris E, Young C, McMullen C, Wilfond BS, Goddard KA.
J Genet Couns 2017 Mar 17. PMCID: PMC5601030

Harms of cervical cancer screening in the United States and the Netherlands. 

Habbema D, Weinmann S, Arbyn M, Kamineni A, Williams AE, M C M de Kok I, van Kemenade F, Field TS, van Rosmalen J, Brown ML.
Int J Cancer 2017 Mar 1;140(5):1215-1222. PMCID: PMC5423652 

Occupational exposures and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): comparison of a COPD-specific job exposure matrix and expert-evaluated occupational exposures. 

Kurth L, Doney B, Weinmann S.
Occup Environ Med 2017 Mar;74(4):290-293. [Epub 2017 Oct 24] PMCID: PMC5352500 

Pregnancy outcomes after treatment for cervical cancer precursor lesions: An observational study

Weinmann S, Naleway A, Swamy G, Krishnarajah G, Arondekar B, Fernandez J, Myers E.
PLoS One 2017 Jan 4;12(1):e0165276. PMCID: PMC5214346  

Design of a randomized controlled trial for genomic carrier screening in healthy patients seeking preconception genetic testing. 

Kauffman TL, Wilfond BJ, Jarvik GP, Leo MC, Lynch FL, Reiss JA, Richards CS, McMullen C, Nickerson D, Dorschner MO, Goddard KAB.
Contemporary Clinical Trials 2017;53:100-105. PMCID: PMC5274557  

Online education and e-consent for GeneScreen, a preventive genomic screening study. 

Cadigan RJ, Butterfield R, Rini C, Waltz M, Kuczynski KJ, Muessig K, Goddard KAB, Henderson GE.
Public Health Genomics 2017;20(4):235-246. [Epub 2017 Oct 26] PMCID: PMC5698149 [Available on 2018-10-26] 

Peripheral myelin protein 22 alters membrane architecture. 

Mittendorf KF, Marinko JT, Hampton CM, Ke Z, Hadziselimovic A, Schlebach JP, Law CL, Li J, Wright ER, Sanders CR, Ohi MD.
Science Advances. 2017. 3, e1700220.  

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