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Laboratory characteristics of suspected herpes zoster in vaccinated children. 

Chun C, Weinmann S, Riedlinger K, Mullooly JP, Houston H, Schmid DS, Seward JF.
Pediatr Infect Dis J 2011 Aug;30(8):719-21. 

Genome-wide association and linkage identify modifier loci of lung disease severity in cystic fibrosis at 11p13 and 20q13.2.

Wright FA, Strug LJ, Doshi VK, Commander CW, Blackman SM, Sun L, Berthiaume Y, Cutler D, Cojocaru A, Collaco JM, Corey M, Dorfman R, Goddard K, Green D, Kent JW Jr, Lange EM, Lee S, Li W, Luo J, Mayhew GM, Naughton KM, Pace RG, Paré P, Rommens JM, Sandford A, Stonebraker JR, Sun W, Taylor C, Vanscoy LL, Zou F, Blangero J, Zielenski J, O'Neal WK, Drumm ML, Durie PR, Knowles MR, Cutting GR.
Nature Genetics 2011 Jun;43(6):539-46. PMCID: PMC3296486

Barriers in identification, referral, counseling and testing for familial cancer: The perspective of genetic service providers.

Rolnick S, Rahm AK, Jackson JM, Nekhlyudov L, Goddard KAB, Field T, McCarty C, Nakasato C, Roblin D, Anderson CP, Valdez R.
J Genet Couns 2011 Jun;20(3):314-22.
[Epub 2011 Apr 19]

Neuropsychological findings from older premutation carrier males and their noncarrier siblings from families with fragile X syndrome. 

Allen EG, Hunter JE, Rusin M, Juncos J, Novak G, Hamilton D, Shubeck L, Charen K, Sherman SL.
Neuropsychology 2011 May;25(3):404-411.
PMCID: PMC3086936. 

Evaluating gene expression in C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mouse striatum using RNA-Seq and microarrays. 

Bottomly D, Walter NA, Hunter JE, Darakjian P, Kawane S, Buck KJ, Searles RP, Mooney M, McWeeney SK, Hitzemann R.
PLoS One 2011 Mar 24;6(3):e17820.
PMCID: PMC306377

Genomewide linkage scan for diabetic renal failure and albuminuria: The FIND study.

Igo RP, Iyengar SK, Sedor JR, Nicholas SB, Goddard KAB, Langefeld C, Hanson RL, Duggirala R, Divers J, Abboud H, Adler SG, Arar NH, Horvath A, Elston RC, Guo X, Ipp E, Kao WHL, Kimmel PL, Knowler WC, Meoni LA, Molineros J, Nelson RG, Pahl MV, Parekh RS, Rasooly RS, Schelling JR, Shah VO, Smith MW, Winkler CA, Zager PG, Freedman BI, on behalf of the Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes Research Group.
American Journal of Nephrology 2011 Mar 31;33(5):381-389. PMCID: PMC3078269

Behavioral counseling to prevent skin cancer: A systematic review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. 

Lin JS, Eder M, Weinmann S
Ann Intern Med 2011 Feb 1;154(3):190-201. 

Behavioral counseling to prevent skin cancer: Systematic evidence review to update the 2003 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation. Evidence Synthesis No. 82. AHRQ Publication No. 11-05152-EF-1. 

Lin JS, Eder M, Weinmann S, Zuber SP, Beil TL, Plaut D, Lutz K.
Rockville, Maryland: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2011 February.  

Awareness and utilization of BRCA1/2 testing among US primary care physicians.

Bellcross C, Kolor K, Goddard KAB, Coates R, Reyes M, Khoury MJ.
American Journal of Preventative Medicine 2011; 40(1):61-66.

Tolerance to Changes in Membrane Lipid Composition as a Selected Trait of Membrane Proteins. 

Sanders CR, and Mittendorf KF.
Biochemistry, 2011. 50, 7858-7867. 

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