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Next IRB Meeting Date & Deadline

IRB meeting: October 16, 2019 

Deadline for October Meeting: September 30, 2019


NEW! Waiver Form

Waive your hands in the air – a new Waiver or Alteration of Consent or HIPAA Authorization form is here! You’ll notice that our protocol templates and local context supplement are missing something…a place to describe your waiver/alteration requests. We’ve consolidated and streamlined the information we collect from you into a one stop shop doc for all your waiver/alteration needs.

You can access the new form in one of two locations:

  • In IRBNet under "Forms and Templates"
  • On the Forms and Templates page of our website under "Protocol and Supplemental IRB Forms"

Can you tell we’re EXCITED?!!? If you have questions about the document and how to use it, get in touch with our team, we’re glad to assist.

NEW! Prep to Reseach Form

Research Compliance also has a sparkly new form for prep to reseach activities. The document is called "Intention to Use PHI Preparatory to Research" (yes, we like long titles over here).

Copies of this form, including directions for use, can be found found in the following areas of our website:

USE: Express Exemptions

Under the Revised Common Rule, effective January 21, 2019, more studies qualify for exemption.  Exemption means that after an initial determination by the IRB, no further review is required unless there is a significant change in the project.  We are piloting a new initiative to make it quicker and easier to get an exemption.  You can even do this before you submit your proposal!

Express Exemption Instructions

Express Exemption Request Form

The new process is optional.  You may still choose to complete a full study submission, and the IRB will still issue an exemption determination if the study fits an applicable exempt category.

Review our Revised Common Rule page for information about new exemption categories and more.

USE: Tools for GCP Compliance in Social-Behavioral Research

Research Compliance convened a work group starting in 2017 to create materials for social/behavioral research that can help study teams navigate the GCP requirements. If you are on a grant or have a protocol that requires the research follow GCP, we anticipate these tools will be helpful for you. See the Quality Improvement and Monitoring page for the tools and more information!

Research Compliance Committee

The KPNW Research Compliance Committee (RCC) meets the second Monday of the month.

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