Mailed FIT Outreach for Colorectal Cancer Screening


Photo of the MailedFIT team

Our team at the Center for Health Research collaborates with a wide variety of clinical settings and research partners to understand how to reduce disparities in colorectal cancer outcomes. We refine and test programs that mail screening tests and reminders to people’s homes and provide encouragement, education, and support to help people overcome barriers that prevent them from getting screened or receiving follow-up colonoscopies.

Through our diverse research projects, we harness scientific evidence and population-specific insights to co-create ways to transform the way population health is delivered. Our research uses data-driven methods and culturally tailored materials to build on our clinical partners’ existing capabilities in order to lessen barriers to accessing screening and needed follow-up care.

Our research tests new methods to facilitate colorectal cancer screening (such as blood tests), especially for populations who face numerous barriers to getting screened. We apply analytic tools to available health care data to direct our services to patients who need them the most. Our research discovers low-cost, sustainable solutions to delivering equitable health care.

Our Team


Gloria Coronado

Distinguished Investigator,
Mitch Greenlick Endowed Scientist
for Health Disparities

Email: Gloria.D.Coronado@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Amanda Petrik

Amanda Petrik

Senior Research Associate

Email: Amanda.F.Petrik@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Jennifer Rivelli

Jennifer Rivelli

Behavioral Assessment & Change (BAC) Manager

Email: Jennifer.S.Rivelli@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Jennifer Schneider

Jennifer Schneider

Senior Research Associate

Email: Jennifer.L.Schneider@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Jamie Thompson

Jamie Thompson

Senior Research Associate

Email: Jamie.H.Thompson@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Project Manager

Email: Cheryl.Ann.Johnson@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Liz Shuster

Elizabeth Shuster

Project Manager

Email: Elizabeth.Shuster@kpchr.org

Thumbnail portrait of Charisma Jenkins

Charisma Jenkins

Project Manager

Email: Charisma.L.Jenkins@kpchr.org

thumbnail portrait of Priyanka Gautom

Priyanka Gautom

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: Priyanka.X.Gautom@kpchr.org

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