Training & Education

Training & Education

Required Training to Conduct Research at KPNW

The Researcher Training Policy provides comprehensive information about research-related training requirements.  For quick reference, see the following resources:

Kaiser Permanente has contracted with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) to provide required Human Subjects Protection (HSP), Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training.


***CITI has updated their Human Subjects Protection training for the Revised Common Rule (effective January 21, 2019).  If you have current CITI training from before January 21, 2019, you are not required to take the revised training until your current training expires, but you may choose to take it sooner if you would like more information about the regulatory changes.***

For those who are required to complete training based on their role in the research, the requirements are summarized below:


KPNW Employees

Non-KPNW Employees

CITI Human Subjects Protection

Required – valid for 3 years

Current training accepted from outside institutions*

CITI Conflict of Interest

Required – valid for 4 years

Current training accepted from outside institutions*

CITI Good Clinical Practice

Required for clinical trial researchers – valid for 3 years

Current training accepted from outside institutions*

HIPAA for Research

Required – one-time training

Not required

*The KPNW IRB and Research Compliance Department reserve the right to require updated evidence of training for non-KPNW researchers.

Note, other trainings may be required depending on the type of research conducted or the department where the research will occur.  Additionally, other types of non-research-specific training required for KP employees, such as Annual Compliance Training and EH&S training, are not addressed here.

KPNW Researchers:  Steps to Researcher Training Compliance

1. Review the Researcher Training Policy and the Matrix on page 6.  Locate your roles in research and job title at CHR (if applicable) and the corresponding required trainings. Most people will fit into more than one category (row)!

Check in with your supervisor and make sure you both agree on what you need to complete (including which version of each training – see The Ultimate Guide to Research-Related Training for a summary of the options).  Non-CHR researchers should contact CRSS or their CHR collaborator for guidance on selecting courses.

2. Complete applicable CITI training.  Log into CITI ( to see what you have completed so far and when it expires.

If you need help accessing CITI or are registering for the first time, see the Guidance for Registering and Enrolling in CITI.

If you have taken CITI training for another institution that is not yet expired, that training may be applied to your requirements.

Individuals can print a copy of their CITI certificates at any time by logging onto the CITI website (see page 3 of CITI Registration Instructions) if study staff need to confirm their training.  CITI training information should be linked with your profile in IRBNet. Access your user profile (log into IRBNet and go to User Profile), click 'Add An External Account', select 'CITI' as the account type and enter your CITI account number.  Please note that IRB staff check CITI training records as part of the pre-review process. Study staff do not have to upload CITI certificates in IRBNet. The IRB does not currently use KP Learn to track training at CHR so no need to link that account at this time.

3. If you have not already done so, complete required HIPAA Training

4. Follow up with your supervisor to let them know you’re done.