About KPNW Research Compliance & IRB

About Research Compliance

The mission of the KPNW Research Compliance Program is to support the KPNW research enterprise and protect KP members and their data by providing integrated and timely reviews of research protocols; using consistent and transparent policies and procedures; providing timely and relevant training for researchers and reviewers; and establishing risk-based, efficient monitoring and oversight.

The aim of the internal quality monitoring program is to provide assistance for investigators and study staff to ensure that their study is in compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements and KP policies.

The process is intended as a mechanism for sharing best practices and to foster a culture of mutual respect between members of the Research Compliance Team and the research community.

About the RSPO

The Research Subjects Protection Office (RSPO) is the administrative office for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW).

The RSPO provides guidance for investigators and research staff on federal and state regulations and KPNW policies that govern research with humans. The RSPO also monitors and documents all regional research to ensure that research complies with all federal, state, and KPNW regulatory requirements.