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Nangel M. Lindberg, PhD

Meet Nangel Lindberg

For Nangel Lindberg, research is like detective work, allowing her to solve the mysteries behind cultural differences in health and to design interventions tailored to specific ethnic groups.

Nangel Lindberg, PhD, studies the impact of culture on self-care and health-related behaviors. She is an expert on culturally tailored interventions for Hispanic populations. Her expertise spans weight loss, diabetes prevention and management, psychological aspects of cancer, and cancer prevention. Dr. Lindberg is bicultural and has extensive research experience implementing behavioral interventions with diverse populations in the United States in clinical and community settings.

Dr. Lindberg recently completed a study of a culturally tailored weight loss program—De Por Vida—designed for women of Mexican origin, which was successful in helping participants lose weight. She has also contributed her expertise as a lead developer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Diabetes Prevention Program curricula for both Spanish and English speakers. In further work with Hispanic populations, she implemented and tested a program to prevent excessive gestational weight gain among pregnant Hispanic patients at the Virginia Garcia clinic.

Dr. Lindberg is trained as a clinical psychologist. She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, completing her PhD in clinical psychology and postdoctoral training in health psychology, behavioral medicine, and psycho-oncology. 

Selected Current Studies

  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health & Diabetes Self-Management in Vulnerable Populations (Diabetes & Social Needs) (NIDDK)
  • Exome Sequencing in Diverse Populations in Colorado & Oregon Cancer—CSER2 (NHGRI)

Selected Publications

  • Coleman KJ, Stewart C, Waitzfelder BE, Zeber JE, Morales LS, Ahmed AT, Ahmedani BK, Beck A, Copeland LA, Cummings JR, Hunkeler EM, Lindberg NM, Lynch F, Lu CY, Owen-Smith AA, Trinacty CM, Whitebird RR, Simon GE. Racial-Ethnic Differences in Psychiatric Diagnoses and Treatment Across 11 Health Care Systems in the Mental Health Research Network. Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.). 2016; 67(7):749-57.
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